"CECILIA! KAWAII!" ~ Cecilia's Catchphrase

Cecilia Hanasami is one of the MAIN characters.

Cecilia has long pink hair. She has green eyes. She normally wears a shoulderdrop with a butterscotch yellow color. She wears accessories matching to her dress. Cecilia is dating Bakaruo's brother, Bakarun Deiji.

Cecilia is the Daughter of Mion Takamine, who was originally found in "Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream" and also in "Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future".

Later, Mion did actually Marry "Hesekita Hanasami", a formal Prism Star and became "Mion Takamine Hanasami". One right day, she gave birth to a young cutie, Cecilia Hanasami. Some years later, again, Mion gave birth to a "sweetie" called Celicia Hanasami.

Jumps Edit

Cecilia's Prism Jumps are -

Cutie First

Aurora Rising (Also Performed by Sonata Kanzaki, Rizumu Amamiya, Aira Harune, Mion Takamine, Kyoko Asechi and June Amou)

Gleaming Prism Splash

I've Got The World!

Honey Kiss (Also Performed By Mion Takamine in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream)

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