"Aurora, My Dream! Prism World Awaits!" ~ Ara to Rizumu

The Lead Character In Ethel STAR LIVE is Ara Ashai.

She is the daughter of "June Amou" and Eheteh Ashai while June was seen in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. Ara was originally a character of Ethel BEAM, The second season. In Ethel BEAM, Ara had long tied hair. But in Ethel STAR LIVE, she has short shoulder length hair. She can be seen wearing a clip and earrings.

Jumps Edit

Ara's jumps are -

Lovable First

100% PurePure Arrow (Performed By Naru Ayase In Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live)

Dream Light Sparkle

Prism Dream Phoenix (Similar to "Dream Prism Phoenix" from Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live)

Gallery Edit